Music Educator, Composer, Pianist, Writer

Mark Christopher Brandt


Seven Moons

The first of Mark’s ambitious DVD’s documenting his piano improvisations in all 24 tonal centers.

Seven Gifts

Mark returns to the world of improvisation. Fearlessly filming his spontaneous musical creations as he hopes to inspire more artists to embrace their inner child.

The Making of an Artist

Mark shares an inspiring and intimate glimpse inside his life as he breaks free from alcohol, drugs, and the fear of public opinion.  The Round Trip DVD has premiered in film festivals all over the world and been translated into both Italian and Polish.

Structure and Freedom

Mark’s magical series on improvisation continues with this joyful, and at times humorous, master class on being true to yourself.  An added bonus comes in the presence of the charming and endearing flutist, Yana Nikol.


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