Mark Christopher Brandt


Piano Lessons.  All Ages.  All Styles.  Affordable Rates.  30 Years Experience.  No Recitals.  Also offering beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons in music theory, composition and arranging.  Improvisation in all styles for all ages and all instruments.  Inquire here!





A personal check or a cash payment will be accepted. There are no credits and no refunds.

Make your check payable to: Mark Brandt


Payment for regularly scheduled students will be expected on the last lesson of each month to reserve your time slot forward. If this is not possible then it must be paid no later than the first lesson of the new month.  Failure to comply with this portion of the policy could result in your time slot being forfeited.


Snow and Ice Policy:


When the weather is dangerous and the roads are bad I cancel. If I cancel I offer makeups. There is no activity so important or fun that risking one’s personal safety or that of your children is necessary.




Four times during the year there will be months on the calendar which possess a fifth week. There will never be a charge for that fifth lesson. I forfeit this income all year long so that the four holiday weeks (see below) may be observed by my family without cost to my students. Tuition will remain the same during the months in which these holidays occur.


Unless otherwise announced, I teach on all of the Monday holidays.


If you are going away for an extended period of time you must pay to reserve your spot.


Below are the agreed upon breaks during the teaching year.


Thanksgiving Week: No lessons


Christmas/New Years Break: No lessons the week of Christmas or the week of New Years


Spring Break: No lessons from Thursday of Holy Week through Easter Wednesday. All lessons resume on the Thursday after Easter Sunday.


Practice and Attendance:


I teach music lessons in my home studio (Monday through Thursday) all year long. This is not a hobby for me. Music is not a source of “extra” income for me. Music is my life and my full time occupation. Please try to remember that all of my available lesson spots are consistently filled with paying, and attending students. Students are of course, expected to attend all lessons, on time, with the necessary materials.


During the school year it is not possible for me to offer make up lessons or credits for any cancellations on the part of the student. Time slot juggling (in most cases) will not be an option either. If a student is practicing properly between lessons, and is consistent in attendance, the occasional absence will not hurt the student either musically or financially.


All missed lessons on my part will be made up at the earliest possible convenience for both student and teacher.


There will always be greater flexibility during the summer months. This flexibility will be respectful of both the student and the teacher.


Pay-As-You-Go Students:


Adult students and professional artists only. One hour lesson is $50.00. Scheduling for pay-as-you-go students is based on the goals of the student and teacher availability.

Lessons are Monday thru Thursday.


Fridays and Saturdays are available for these students upon request but subject to teacher availability.


Payment will occur at the beginning of the scheduled lesson.


Cash or check will be accepted. Please make your check payable to Mark Brandt. Students are not accountable for last minute cancellations.

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