Mark Christopher Brandt

Sunflowers and Roses


Mark Christopher Brandt, piano

Yana Nikol, flute

Sunflowers and Roses Released July 31, 2018

Sunflowers and Roses is a unique recording, as each piece was created in the studio with no prior preparation.  It is basically the soundtrack from Mark’s third DVD on improvisation, titled Structure and Freedom.  Each piece is a one-time creation which occurred on the spot between pianist Mark Christopher Brandt and flutist Yana Nikol.

Album Tracks

1. Dawn

2. Dew

3. Fecundity

4. Garden Enclosed Part 1

5. Garden Enclosed Part 2

6. More Delight for the Emperor

7. Sunflowers and Roses

8. Yana NiCool

9. Child's Play


10. Part 1: First Love

11. Part 2: Second Love

12. Part 3: Third Time's the Charm

13. Fructiferous

14. The Part Where Death Submits

15. The Forest Through the Trees

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