Liner notes from Warmup Hard Copy

This work is titled Warmup because it is a beginning for me.  As a pianist, these jazz standards mostly represent an introduction to who I was in 1991.  Stylistically speaking however, they are in fact a warmup to who I have become in 1994.


Everything I do inevitably has elements of jazz in it.  My arrangements always have a very large "wing it" factor for maximum expression through improvisation.  In the future, however, I will feature my own compositions when I turn on the tape recorder.


Since early 1992, many people have asked me where my trio is playing, and if we have a recording out?  For this reason, I decided to release this particular tape (recorded 12/15/91), as a debut.  It is however, as much for those who have never heard of Mark Brandt as it is for those who have.


Warmup was recorded on a dual cassette deck boom box in the lobby of a local hotel.  It was finally mastered to DAT at Bias Recording Studios Inc. on April 20, 1994.  I am very pleased with the results thanks to Bill McElroy of Bias, and Eileen Joyner of Oasis Recording Inc.  The "fun" message that this trio always tries to convery comes through nicely.


If you are interested in hiring the group, or just want more information about myself or the other musicians, please feel free to write me at the address below.  I welcome the feedback.




Mark Christopher Brandt


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