Mark Christopher Brandt

Composer, Pianist, Writer (February 2, 1961 - )


Veritas CD

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Mark Christopher Brandt

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Product Description

Mark’s first recording as a leader features instrumental solo piano pieces inspired by the Lord’s prayer and the Hail Mary.  There are duo pieces with multi-reed virtuoso Geoff Thaler and an amazing woodwind chamber piece at the end.


1.  Veritas Part 1

2.  Veritas Part 2

3.  Veritas Part 3

4.  Kapua

5.  Home

6.  Shrine of the Spirit

7.  The Wind (Rob’s Song)

8.  The Tree

9.  The Theology of Risk

Round Trip


All songs composed and arranged by Mark Christopher Brandt. ©1995 All rights reserved.

Heart of the Lion Publishing Co./BMI.  Recorded at Bias Studio, Springfield, Virginia.

Mastered at Slipped Disc Audio, Ashland, Virginia.

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