Mark Christopher Brandt

Composer, Pianist, Writer (February 2, 1961 - )


The Nightingale

Format: Collection/Song Book

Ensemble:  Contemporary Chamber Music

Instruments: Flute, Piano, Cello

Publisher: Heart of the Lion

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Product Description

This single volume contains all the music found on The Nightingale recording.  Six of the pieces are duos composed for flute and piano.  The remaining 4 pieces are trios composed for flute, piano and cello.  The titles of the pieces contained in this volume are listed below.

1. The Nightingale

2. Freedom

3. Up to You

4. The Emperor's Delight

5. A Gentle Breeze

6. The Emperor is Tricked

7. The Emperor Laments

8. Death Submits

9. The Nightingale Returns

10. A Little Bird Told Me

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