Mark Christopher Brandt

Composer, Pianist, Writer (February 2, 1961 - )

The Conduit

Slain Dragons and Conquered Demons Becomes The Conduit

November 13, 2018

Mark’s YouTube channel has officially changed names but the content is going to remain the same. Why the change?  Mark explains below


“Slain Dragons and Conquered Demons implies past tense.  I am anything but past tense.  I am always striving to remain in the present moment and be that vessel or “conduit” of God’s love with my music.  For years I have told my students that as artists we are, in a sense, mediums—and more specifically conduits—of God’s love.  It is up to us as musicians to develop our skills while simultaneously denying ourselves so that we are always serving humanity with our gifts in the most efficient way but not adding warped or inordinate slants to the beauty that is flowing through us.”


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