Mark Christopher Brandt

The Butterfly


Mark Christopher Brandt, composer/pianist

Emil Cheytanov, Violin

Christopher Dixon, Violin

Jennifer Bockstege, Viola

Katherine Colburn, Cello

Thomas Mirus, Piano

The Butterfly Released November 1, 2019

"Fresh, inventive, and alive."

- Dana Gioia, California Poet Laureate, and former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Butterfly is yet another example of pianist and composer Mark Christopher Brandt’s incredible freedom as a composer.  Mark has defied categorization since his first cd release in 1995.  The music of The Butterfly features intricate themes placed into resonant tonal centers which are woven seamlessly together by the Manassas String Quartet of Manassas, Virginia.  While Mark makes a tiny cameo as a pianist on the title track, the lion’s share of the piano is performed by New York-based pianist Thomas Mirus, who delivers expressive and romantic playing not just alongside the four string virtuosos on the title work, but also on a delicate two-part invention and a powerful sonatina that close the album.

Album Tracks

1. The Cocoon

2. The Rhythm of Involvement and Detachment

3. The Dark Night

4. Surrender

5. The Butterfly

6. Two-Part Invention in D Minor

7. Sonatina in D Major

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