Liner notes from the Sunflowers and Roses Hard Copy


So as not to confuse anyone, or leave the listener believing that I expressed a deep or long-ago sentiment for a person in this three-part work, the First Love I refer to in Part 1 is the C minor blues scale.  This is the first scale I learned as a boy when I asked a mentor how I could begin the process of learning to improvise.


My DVD Structure and Freedom puts the process of creation with this scale and its tonal center on display for all.  I intended to blowout on the C minor blues scale as a warm-up and then improvise a more cohesive piece for the video.  The warm-up (Part 1) was successful.  The second flyby was thwarted as the head phone cable kept pulling on my left arm so I stopped in mid-process.


By the time I began Part 3, I was purged of what could be called superfluous rambling and I was ready to get involved interiorly, rather than just the surface - or muscle memory - level of activity, often inappropriately called improvisation.  For reasons regarding my own artistic integrity coupled with my respect for those who seek out improvisational music, I decided to place all three C minor improvisations on this CD as three parts to a whole.


I offer Germination as an exhortation to anyone who might see - by my willingness to put myself out there - that as piano improvisations go, Part 3 might make me look and sound good, but it could not have occurred without the exploration which occurred in Part 1 and Part 2.  That’s why I left them on the video and that’s why you can hear them on this recording.  The most important aspect in a work of art is not the completed work, but the growth and development involved in arriving at completion.




Mark Christopher Brandt


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