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Mark Christopher Brandt



Suite for a Fish Out of Water

Complete Scores

Instruments: Piano, Keyboards, Woodwinds, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion, Guitar

Ensemble:  Contemporary Jazz Fusion Music

Format: Collection/Song Book

Publisher: Heart of the Lion

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Product Description

This single volume contains complete scores for the Suite for a Fish Out of Water as well as lead sheets for the other pieces on the Suite for a Fish Out of Water recording February 2, 1997.  The titles of the pieces contained in this volume are listed below.

1. 12803

2. Portrait of Ramonie

3. Impromptu 1:

Part 1. Pax River

Part 2. 4419

Part 3. Full Circle

Suite for a Fish Out of Water

4. Part 1: Entry and Descent

5. Part 2: Underneath the World

6. Part 3: In the Company of Sharks

7. Part 4: The Bait, the Hook, the Ascent

8. Part 5: Reprise: Hindsight and Reflection

9. For Those Among Us

10. Alone at Some Point

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