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Structure and Freedom



Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

Yana Nikol: flute

About Structure and Freedom DVD (Released October 13, 2018)


In Structure and Freedom, the third installment of Mark’s mystical series on improvisation, Mark seems even more relaxed and free - if such a thing is possible - than in either of his earlier improvisational DVDs.  In this work of art,  Mark brings his friend, virtuoso flutist Yana Nikol, into the studio and the two share their extraordinary and endearing chemistry with no pretense.  Clips of the two artists working through chord progressions and discussing improvisational concepts are included in the DVD as well as some truly fun off-the-cuff surprises.


As in the case of Seven Moons (2015) and Seven Gifts (2016) the camera work by Scott Nurmi of Mojo Factory Productions is as much a part of the action as the music. In certain moments, the interplay between Scott and the musicians steps away from the rules of film-making and brings an extra element of joy to the project.




Liner notes from the back cover of the Structure and Freedom DVD

Masterfully filmed by Scott Nurmi of Mojo Factory Productions.  Scott has filmed documentaries for some of the music world’s most reputable artists including iconic bassist Stanley Clarke; saxophonist Dave Koz; and the Washington Ballet, to name only a few.



In Mark’s third improvisational DVD, you are welcomed into the entire creative process - start to finish.  In contrast to the esoteric and unapproachable presentation common among so many of the modern artists, Mark and his friend Yana share their knowledge and their love of music - along with their incredible freedom to create on the fly - openly and in a welcoming way.  By their example you will learn how to relax in the studio and not take yourself too seriously as you offer your best without fear or pretense.


If you are seeking the means to break out of the illusions to freedom which have bound souls for centuries, then this will be at the very least, an enjoyable experience for you - whether you are looking for true freedom in your musical expression or true freedom in your daily existence.  As is the case with all of Mark’s DVDs, Structure and Freedom will excite and empower you to become a fully alive human person no matter how you were raised, who you were raised by, or what you have been lead to believe.



“Artists do not learn how to improvise music from music teachers. Artists learn musical skills having to do with chords, scales, rhythms, technique, theory and the like, from music teachers and professors.  Improvisation is a way of life intrinsic to artists, whether it is exercised or not. If you are looking for validation, then you will never be a great improviser.  If you are longing to share the music of your soul, then you are already at the top of your game.  Keep on practicing to improve your delivery.”


Mark Christopher Brandt


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