Structure and Freedom DVD

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Mark Christopher Brandt


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Beautiful, contemplative duets featuring pianist Mark Christopher Brandt and flutist Yana Nikol.

Seven Gifts



1. Dawn

2. Dew

3. Fecundity

4. Garden Enclosed Part 1

5. Garden Enclosed Part 2

6. More Delight for the Emperor

7. Sunflowers and Roses

8. Yana NiCool

9. Child's Play


10. Part 1: First Love

11. Part 2: Second Love

12. Part 3: Third Time's the Charm

13. Fructiferous

14. The Part Where Death Submits

15. The Forest Through the Trees

All songs ©2018 Heart of the Lion publishing Co./BMI All rights reserved.

Recorded and mastered at Slipped Disc Audio, Ashland, Virginia.

Seven Moons


Round Trip

The Making of an Artist


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