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Seven Moons DVD (2015)

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Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

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About Seven Moons DVD (Released January 1, 2015)


This is the first DVD in Mark’s series on improvisation in both life and music. Seven Moons, which is enjoying an ever growing popularity among students interested in the mysteries of improvisation, comes with a booklet documenting Mark’s thoughts on entering into the intimidating and often pretentious territory of spontaneity in music. In a brief essay, Mark points to a particular event in his childhood as the catalyst for this project with an explanation of where the title Seven Moons came from.


It is not always possible to know exactly what makes an artist step fearlessly into the territory that most people in any walk of life would never dare to go.  In this DVD, however, it is possible to see that Mark is willing to go anywhere he has to in order to discover answers to the mysteries of the human person which can only be found in a well-examined life.  Placing himself under the microscope with cameras rolling, Mark comes out on the other side of Saturn with a freedom of soul that most can only imagine or envy.


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