Mark Christopher Brandt

Round Trip


Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

Dan Leonard: guitar

Round Trip Released March 22, 2014

From the first moments of Sunrise to the last note of Sunset, pianist, Mark Christopher Brandt and guitarist, Dan Leonard weave flowing melodies and air-like harmonies together in a cross between an ocean-like ebb and flow and an enriching mountain breeze. Whether you are a jazz, classical, folk or rock music lover, you will soar like an eagle over the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and come down peacefully on the beaches of the Atlantic Coast. Round Trip is your ongoing ticket to freedom of soul. You can take the trip again and again. Just get yourself alone with a good set of speakers and push play.

Album Tracks

1. Sunrise

2. The Doctor Is In

3. Shani

4. The Visit

5. Round Trip

6. Faustina's Theme

7. Rays

8. Mountain Air

9. A Moment of Peace

10. Sunset

11. The Shore at Night

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