Mark Christopher Brandt

His Footsteps… Your Calvary


For those looking to introduce their children to the Stations of the Cross this Lent, or wishing to deepen their own practice of this ancient devotion, I highly recommend Mark Christopher Brandt’s booklet His Footsteps… Your Calvary:  A Heroic but Practical Way of the Cross.  The booklet begins with two simple Ways for children and culminates in a series of powerful and challenging meditations for use by adults.

The best books we read in 2018


Mark Christopher Brandt, His Footsteps... Your Calvary: A Heroic but Practical Way of the Cross. As he did last year, Brandt makes it on the list with both a book and an album. This book contains several sets of reflections on the Stations of the Cross, some for extended individual reflection before the Blessed Sacrament and others for doing the Stations in the typical way. There are two sets of reflections for use with children, with tips for parents on how to teach little ones to enter into this spiritual practice. Particularly timely is Brandt’s reflection on the women of Jerusalem weeping over Jesus: rather than simply getting emotional about injustices going on in our own lives or in the world, we must see everything spiritually and refer everything to the meaning of Jesus’s redemptive suffering.


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