Mark Christopher Brandt

Composer, Pianist, Writer (February 2, 1961 - )


No Explanations CD

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Mark Christopher Brandt

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Completely spontaneous guitar and piano duos that sound composed and rehearsed from start to finish.  They were all created on the spot in the studio.  Hearing is believing.  Nice surprises at the end are found in the bonus tracks.


1. No Explanations

2. 3:35     (Blues for Dan)

3. 4:14     (Dan's Mood)

4. 6:04     (Continuum)

5. 6:01     (Chuva, Vento e Calma)

6. 2:57     (Die Freude Platzte)

7. 3:17     (It Meant a Thing)

8. 6:22     (Mark's Mood)

9. 6:02     (Song for Ko)

10. 3:37   (Blues for Mark)

11. The Prophet

12. A Moment of Peace (Alternate take from Round Trip Sessions)

13. Mountain Air

All music composed by Leonard/Brandt except The Prophet, A Moment of Peace, and Mountain Air, composed by Mark Christopher Brandt.

All songs ©2016 Heart of the Lion Publishing Co/BMI.  All rights reserved.  Recorded and mastered at Slipped Disc Audio, Ashland, Virginia.

Round Trip


The Making of an Artist DVD


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