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How to Play the Blues When You Don't Have Them

An easy, organized approach towards jazz improvisation and playing the blues

Bassik Instincts

An Organized Guide for Jazz Bass Players

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How to Play the Blues contains the basic information about theory, scales, voicings, technique and ear training needed by every beginning jazz student, and presents this information in an organized, step-by-step format that inspires rather than overwhelms. Furthermore, Mark understands that scales, voicings, and technique do not a jazz musician make, and that they are means to the end of uninhibited, spontaneous expression. Thus his book is not only filled with theoretical and technical information, but is also permeated with the wisdom he has gained throughout his decades of experience as a jazz pianist, composer, arranger, private teacher and clinician. It is this aspect of the book in particular that makes it useful to advanced jazz musicians as well as beginners.


T.M., New York, NY.

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Bassik Instincts is the book that taught me how to play jazz bass.  I specifically remember playing my electric bass and wishing I could play jazz bass lines. I wanted to be able to play with a jazz feel, but I did not know how to do this, especially when I had no entry point.  This book got me completely lined up when I began working with it on my electric bass. Within a few months, I acquired my first upright bass with which I then started the book again.  The exercises in this book taught me how to play the upright bass.  Ever since I began working with Bassik, I have not needed to go through any other method book, as this one is so comprehensive.


The opening exercises in Bassik Instincts completely line up your left hand to start negotiating the fingerboard and playing bass lines through chord changes in all 12 keys.   You immediately start shifting and covering the full range of the bass in a manner that is very simple and easy to comprehend.  This book contains dozens of fully composed jazz bass lines that are immediately applicable to the standard jazz repertoire, as well as countless ideas to be used to creatively construct your own bass lines in all styles of jazz. There is no other bass method book out there that can take a bass player from ground zero to becoming a competent, confident jazz bass player.  Bassik Instincts is the book for learning how to play jazz bass!


S.J., Washington, D.C.


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