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Mark Christopher Brandt




Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano, lead vocals, male choir

Shani (Brandt) DuFrain: lead vocals, female choir

Ko Brandt: lead vocals, female choir

Rita Brandt: lead vocals, female choir

The male choir is comprised of countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass.

The female choir is comprised of mezzo-soprano, alto and contralto.

All music composed and arranged by Mark Christopher Brandt ©️2021.

All rights reserved. Heart of the Lion Publishing Co/BMI. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Slipped Disc Audio in Ashland, Virginia.


Joy Released October 7, 2021

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Joy is a five-decade rosary set to music.  Specifically, it was inspired by the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  While it technically belongs to the “Praise and Worship” category of music, it is not at all like most of the music in that category, nor is it like any other “rosary” set to music or prayed with music as a background.  The music was composed to be subservient to the text; the text was not fitted to the symmetry of music, as is often the case.  Mark chose to align the music with the text in order to maintain both the spoken and the written qualities of The Word.  To convey the mysteries for meditation, Mark used as “lyrics” the actual words spoken in Scripture by the characters in the given scenes; i.e. Angels, the Magi, Elizabeth, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, etc. rather than the narration and written descriptions of the scene.


Although Joy is longer than an actual five-decade rosary, it will gently lead the listener into a deeper meditative state, and can help to develop one’s growth in contemplative prayer, depending on how actively and intensely a soul listens to the music as it plays.  It is suggested that the highest listening experience will be gained when entering into the recording with full attention from start to finish.  However, even when played as casual or background music, Joy is a peaceful and uplifting listening experience.

Album Tracks

Opening Prayers

   1. The Petition

   2. The Invocation

   3. Come Holy Spirit

   4. The Apostles Creed

   5. The Lord’s Prayer


The Annunciation

   6. Part 1. Hail Mary in E Major

   7. Part 2. The Angel Gabriel and Mary


The Visitation

   8. Part 1. Hail Mary in A Minor

   9. Part 2. Elizabeth’s Song

 10. Part 3. The Magnificat


The Birth of Our Lord

 11. Part 1. Ave Maria in F Major

 12. Part 2. John Chapter 1

 13. Part 3. Mark Chapter 1

 14. Part 4. Matthew Chapter 1

 15. Part 5. Luke Chapter 2

 16. Part 6. Matthew Chapter 2

 17. Part 7. Saint Andrew Novena Prayer


The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

 18. Part 1. Hail Mary in A Major

 19. Part 2. The Prophecy of Simeon


The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

 20. Part 1. Hail Mary in Bb Major

 21. Part 2. Jesus and Mary in the Temple


Closing Prayers

 22. Glory Be, Fatima Prayer, Petition Reprise

 23. Salve Regina

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