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Mark Christopher Brandt



Liner notes from Joy hard copy

All music composed and arranged by Mark Christopher Brandt

©️2021 All rights reserved. Heart of the Lion Publishing Co./BMI


All Scripture text is taken from the Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible ©️1970.  Text for “The Petition,” and “The Petition Reprise” was composed by Mark Christopher Brandt.  All Latin prayers and text not specifically found in Scripture are taken from traditional Catholic prayers.


Joy was recorded, mixed and mastered by William (Bill) McElroy at Slipped Disc Audio in Ashland, Virginia.  The cover concept for Joy came from Ko and Rita Brandt.


Special thanks:

Shani, Ko and Rita!  Thank you for your gifts, your professionalism and most of all your love! The joy of making this music with you is truly more gift than I can comprehend or put into words as either a musician or a father.  I love you!


Thank you to my wife Ramonie for three beautiful daughters and thirty-plus years (still going) of a beautiful faith journey in marriage.  I love you!


Many thanks to Bill McElroy for his incredible skills, invaluable insights, unwavering patience and his peaceful heart.  All of us love you!


My undying gratitude, loyalty and love to Andrea Panning for her friendship, her love, her wisdom, and her rock-steady support of all that I attempt to do for the Kingdom of God!


Thanks, love and prayers to Shaun Jurek, Mike Baldwin and a shout of joy and gratitude to Shani’s amazing husband and my amazing son-in-law Blaise!


I want to thank all of the priests to whom I am indebted, from Baptism, through all my sacraments, to the present day.  In particular, I thank Father John Melmer who suggested that I should consider composing some praise and worship music.


This work of art, and all that was poured into it, is offered to The Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of the Holy Rosary, the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the Americas.  In gratitude. In love. In devotion.


— Mark Christopher Brandt

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