Mark Christopher Brandt

In Spirit


Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano, keyboards, percussion

Geoff Thaler: woodwinds

Dallas Smith: electric bass

Stan McMullen: drums, percussion

In Spirit Released March 25, 1996

Upon completion of Veritas, multi-reed player Geoff Thaler and pianist Mark Christopher Brandt put together a powerful electric band which was featured  on Mark’s next two albums.


While Mark’s multi keyboard and arranging skills are notable, equally notable is the fact that all of the ensemble tracks, including the improvised solos, were recorded in one take, making this album a “live” studio recording of incredible energy with an appropriate title.


In Spirit is available in the original compact disc format.  Availability is limited.  These pieces have been released for streaming under the project name In the Company of Sharks.

Album Tracks

1. Unconditional Love Part 1

2. Unconditional Love Part 2

3. In Spirit

4. Funk Song #1

5. Bulldog

6. E.O.D. (Group Therapy)

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