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You can click on any one of these images and learn more about a particular CD without any obligation to purchase.  The descriptions of each project come from reviews, advertisements, and promotional materials used throughout my career.

My most recent work is called Joy.  It was released October 7, 2021 in honor of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.  Joy is a musical rosary which I composed for a full choir of male and female singers with piano accompaniment.  The recording features all three of my daughters singing both as lead vocalists and in the choir.  I am playing the piano as always but I actually sing lead on many of the tracks and in the choir as well.  Click on the Joy icon to the right and learn more about it.


By the grace of God, I have been recording and releasing my original music since 1995. I was performing professionally for over 18 years before I felt ready to release my first project as a leader.  My first CD, Veritas, was released before streaming destroyed the attention span of listeners and subsequently the integrity of musicians.  I am not complaining as much as I am lamenting because these changes in the industry did not hurt my career for I was never trying to be “relevant” to the pop culture so my music has always remained timely.


I am not on Pandora and my presence on Spotify is small compared to many. (I don’t even have an account there). Despite this fact my projects have been selling nationally and internationally since Veritas was first released all those years ago.   I am living proof that success for an artist is not based on fame, but upon quality works created with love, integrity, and the unique perspective of each individual artist.


I have been blessed with a very active performance career for many years featuring my originals in third stream, classical and jazz styles as well as jazz standards.  At the start of 2021 I deleted my YouTube channel and I have not been on FaceBook, Twitter, or any other social media platform since 2015!  I am not currently performing because I want to devote more time to composing new works and developing techniques on the piano I have not been able to explore with such an active life for so many years.


These days artists spend more time cultivating fans than they do practicing their instrument.  I now have students (or know students of all ages and instruments) who play as well or better than many of the people who are “making music” for streaming and that, in my opinion is a tragedy.  I have never worked at keeping a fan base.  I have worked at remaining close to God and improving myself as an artist.  If there is any secret to my longevity it can be found in that simple formula along with the fact that in every age there are always those seeking quality and originality in music.


I am glad you have discovered the niche where God has placed me.  I hope you will find music you love and come back for more as time passes.  I hope too, that if you have not found your place and purpose in life that you will very soon.  Have dreams and live them.  Set goals and accomplish them.  Seek God first in your life and He will grant you your heart’s desires.  May God bless you and all whom you love.

Joy 2021

Sunflowers and Roses 2018

No Explanations 2016

Joie de Vivre 2015

December Moment 2014

This Side of Forever 2012

Contemplation 1999

Suite for a Fish

Out of Water 1997

Veritas 1995

The Butterfly 2019

The Nightingale 2017

Seven Gifts 2016

Seven Moons 2015

Round Trip 2014

Worth The Wait 2010

Non Nobis Domine 1997

In Spirit 1996

Warmup 1994


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