Mark Christopher Brandt

Seven Gifts


Mark Christopher Brandt: acoustic piano

About Seven Gifts DVD (Released January 1, 2016)


In this video, the second in Mark’s improvisational series, the viewer is treated to an intimate, front row seat as Mark increases the limitations that he is willing to place upon himself in order to increase his depth both as a human being and as an artist.  The DVD includes an in-depth and revealing essay on the state of jazz and classical music, along with a beautiful - and not at all intimidating - mention of Mark’s own spirituality.


Mark does not purport to be a perfect pianist in the tradition of classical musicians or in the cutthroat competitive vein of jazz pianists. Completely comfortable in his own skin, Mark prefers the reality of the moment and the truth of the offering.  While his pianistic skills are undeniable, he is not the slave of muscle memory but rather the servant of the music within.

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