Mark Christopher Brandt



Mark Christopher Brandt, acoustic piano

Contemplation Released June 11, 1999

Contemplation is a solo piano CD featuring thirteen originals from pianist and composer Mark Christopher Brandt.  The pieces were recorded in the order that they appear listed in one sitting, with no break or editing as documentation of where Mark found himself to be at this stage of his career as a composer, an improvisor, and a pianist.


Contemplation was to be Mark’s last recorded work for eight years as he turned his entire focus to the practice of his religion, the growth of his family, and the development of his students.  The songs encapsulate his love for the interior life and his desire to find a way to express this love musically which began with his first CD Veritas in 1995.

Album Tracks

1. Impromptu 2

2. Song of the Bird

3. In Flight

4. A Moment of Peace

5. The Present Moment

6. Koki

7. Contemplation

8. Psalm 40

9. That Place Where Nothing Matters

10. Joy in Pain

11. Life Dance

12. The Lion

13. First Friday

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