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Sixteen Meditational Rosaries for More Fruitful Visits with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament


A Heroic but Practical Way of the Cross

Mark’s second published work, entitled His Footsteps...Your Calvary, was granted ecclesiastical permission at the same time as A Year of FavorHis Footsteps contains Mark’s personal reflections on the Stations of the Cross for deep meditation in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as several shorter versions for making the traditional Way of the Cross using the stations in any church.  The book also includes two versions for children, which will prove invaluable for parents, as they introduce their children to this beautiful and ancient Lenten practice.

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An easy, organized approach towards jazz improvisation and playing the blues.

How to Play the Blues contains the basic information about theory, scales, voicings, technique and ear training needed by every beginning jazz student, and presents this information in an organized, step-by-step format that inspires rather than overwhelms. Furthermore, Mark understands that scales, voicings, and technique do not a jazz musician make, and that they are means to the end of uninhibited, spontaneous expression. Thus his book is not only filled with theoretical and technical information, but is also permeated with the wisdom he has gained throughout his decades of experience as a jazz pianist, composer, arranger, private teacher and clinician. It is this aspect of the book in particular that makes it useful to advanced jazz musicians as well as beginners.


Tom Mirus, New York, NY.


An Organized Guide for Jazz Bass Players

Bassik Instincts is the book that taught me how to play jazz bass.  I specifically remember playing my electric bass and wishing I could play jazz bass lines. I wanted to be able to play with a jazz feel, but I did not know how to do this, especially when I had no entry point.  This book got me completely lined up when I began working with it on my electric bass. Within a few months, I acquired my first upright bass with which I then started the book again.  The exercises in this book taught me how to play the upright bass.  Ever since I began working with Bassik, I have not needed to go through any other method book, as this one is so comprehensive.


There is no other bass method book out there that can take a bass player from ground zero to becoming a competent, confident jazz bass player.  Bassik Instincts is the book for learning how to play jazz bass!


Shaun Jurek, Washington, D.C.


Free Music from Mark!

All of Mark's compositions are neatly formatted and presented in the following books. In the case of projects where the music was entirely improvised no music is available.


If you are not interested in performing or studying all of the pieces in a given book the sheet music, scores and/or individual parts for any one of Mark's recorded works (limit 3 songs per book) can be yours for free!



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