Mark Christopher Brandt

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1. The Nightingale

2. Freedom

3. Up to You

4. The Emperor's Delight

5. A Gentle Breeze

6. The Emperor is Tricked

7. The Emperor Laments

8. Death Submits

9. The Nightingale Returns

10. A Little Bird Told Me

The Nightingale

Released June 13, 2017

Yana Nikol, flute

Katherine Colburn, cello

Mark Christopher Brandt, piano

All songs except Track 3 composed and arranged by Mark Christopher Brandt

Track 3, Up to You composed by Yana Nikol.

The Nightingale is an instrumental musical journey that tracks events depicted in the short story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen.  There are so many musical works in the world these days and many of them by unknown artists who hope to achieve some sort of fame or legacy by putting their projects out there.  The old saying “there is room for everyone” is true here. The 3 virtuosos featured on this recording however, did not do this work for fame or any vain legacy. They produced this music for the love of the craft, the beauty of the compositions, and the nobility of the concept.  As a result, they, along with their magical CD, The Nightingale, are going to infiltrate and uplift the hearts and minds of listeners for many years to come.  If there is another work of musical art floating out there, waiting for its due attention from audiophiles, artists, and musicians aching for something new and inspiring, it will ultimately take a back seat to this project which, with no follow up recording in sight, is possibly the most powerful listening event in recent music history.


The Nightingale is shocking in it’s compositional depth and beauty, along with it’s delivery by the incredible Bulgarian flutist, Yana Nikol, and the equally gifted cellist, Katherine Colburn.  Rounding this trio out on piano is the composer of the music and producer of the project, Mark Christopher Brandt.  While Brandt has produced numerous projects since he first stepped onto the scene in 1995, The Nightingale will likely go down as his finest offering to date.  If you are a classical music fan, a jazz fan, or an eclectic fan seeking that magic sound that has not occurred in any of the aforementioned genres since the mid 1990’s, The Nightingale will be the best purchase you make this year and for many years to come.  The hard copy experience is enough to start manufacturers producing CD players again.

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