Mark Christopher Brandt

Pianist  Composer  Writer


Round Trip

The Making of an Artist

This DVD is reaching audiences, and individual hearts all over the world.  It is a powerful and compelling documentary that covers Mark’s journey through the maze of his addictive personality to the freedom he discovered on the other side with his faith, his family, and his music.  There are beautiful surprises throughout this DVD for anyone open to receiving them.


The Making of an Artist has been entered, and viewed, in numerous documentary film festivals, and it has been translated into Italian and Polish for the Festival Mirabile Dictu  International Catholic Film Festival 2017 in Italy, and the KSF Niepokalana 2017, 32nd International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival in Poland, respectively.


Uplifting, thought-provoking and sobering, Round Trip, The Making of an Artist brings you an intimate look inside the creative process of Mark Christopher Brandt, a unique American pianist and composer.


Mark provides a motivational and inspirational narrative for each musical track on his Round Trip CD which finds its beginnings in 1997, sixteen years prior to its completion.  The journey to completion of this CD is shared in this documentary.


In July of 2013, Mark entered the recording studio with guitarist Dan Leonard to finish Round Trip, which sparked the formation of No Explanations, an eclectic musical group featuring the duo in a highly creative instrumental music setting.


As Mark welcomes you inside his mind and heart, the magic of improvisational music, coupled with his simple embracing of life’s flow, is captured masterfully by videographer Scott Nurmi of Mojo Factory Productions.


Scott has filmed documentary footage for some of the music world’s most reputable artists, including Jim Carroll and the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra; iconic bassist Stanley Clarke; saxophonist Dave Koz; and the Washington Ballet, to name only a few.


Round Trip, The Making of an Artist is not only a motivational masterpiece for musicians who wish to pursue life in the world of higher art and improvisation, but also for anyone doubting their ability to excel and achieve their dreams in any walk of life.

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