The following is an excerpt from A Collection of Essays to Rouse Saints, Challenge Artists and Vice Versa

by Mark Christopher Brandt


I hope you will find something of interest while looking through my music.  The renewal of growth with regard to music is certainly available here but it is a ratification of those who possess the desire for that renewal within themselves.  In other words, my music is not the cure.  God within us, within you, who offers us truth and beauty in music, is the cure.


To those who fear the purity of my offering, you are being tricked by the spirit which wishes you to remain bound to the technological whirlwind, and the triviality of the pop culture, rather than embrace the beauty of God’s creation.  To those of you who doubt the purity of my offering you are being tricked by the same negative spirit who equally wishes to crush joy, freedom, and love under the guise of self righteousness.


If you are seeking truth, beauty, and love my music will only enhance, and in no way hurt, your quest.


If you are seeking God then you need silence, time alone, and of course you must kneel down and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  Trust me.  He will reveal Himself and that is not anything to be afraid of.


If you are seeking true and unconditional love, it does not exist outside of God so refer to the statement I made above.


If you have discovered the bliss of silence, or better still, if you have found God in the silence, then you have no need for my music or my writings.  Remain in Love and go in peace.


Mark Christopher Brandt

December 24, 2017

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