Mark Christopher Brandt has been performing and recording professionally since 1977.  As an improvisor, with a seemingly endless tonal and rhythmic palette of sounds to draw upon in any given performance, Mark has attained a reputation for being one of the leading creative forces in the Washington D.C. jazz scene.  Classical artists find Mark open and approachable, with countless tips on how to attain freedom in their repertoire, while opening doors for them to create spontaneously as jazz musicians do.


Mark’s impassioned commitment to his own unique artistic vision, built primarily on spontaneity in the performance moment, comes through as enlivening, refreshing, and even threatening to jazz musicians of every age.  The insecure are always the first to cry foul, but Mark has pushed forth relentlessly as a composer, improvisor and entrepreneur since 1995, with the release of his first CD, Veritas.  Rather than seek acceptance through academia or public competitions and guilds, Mark has intentionally and intensely targeted a fan base comprised of those who love music for the sheer purpose of listening and being moved, rather than simply, and often in a shallow way, being blown away by the musician doing the offering.  In a word Mark's fans are real people, down to earth, and from all walks of life.


As a co-owner of Lionheart Music East, Mark has carved out a niche which defies category in every direction, including successful and consistent sales, both online and from his live shows, without entering into the overrated and musically gluttonous field of radio streaming.  One finds his music on radio stations all over the country, at his shows, and in all of the online download stores.  His use of social media, or the lack thereof defies the current trends, but Mark is first and foremost an artist and lastly a self promoter.  His music and his artwork have done the work for him. He prefers to be about his craft rather than talking about it.


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